East of the Sun, your personal shopping guide in Shanghai

Shopping and exploring Shanghai

Chinese and Art Deco antiques
Antique knock-offs and bric-à-brac
Modern and traditional art from East and West
Modern and antique Chinese ceramics
Antique vendors and art studios by appointment
Pearlsand semi-precious stones—from high end to baubles
Couture by appointment
Chinese clothing with a Western touch and Western with an Asian twist
Tailor-made Western and Chinese apparel
Traditional hand printed and dyed Nanjing indigo fabric and clothing
Accessories, fine footwear
Luxuriant bed and table linens
From cocoons to silk comforters
Tassels, chops, calligraphy, art glass
Picturesque/historical Shanghai neighbourhoods
Religious sites—Eastern and Western
Culinary delights

Clothing, jewelry, antique and ceramic shops in Shanghai